Why WellBe

At Wellbe, we understand how important it is for you to have trust in what you are buying, for yourself and your family. All Wellbe products are sourced from farms that we vet - which place a premium on sustainable farming methods and are 100% chemical and pesticide-free - undergo rigorous quality checks and meet all the applicable safety parameters. They are high on nutritive value and completely safe for consumption. We work directly with farmer groups and ensure they receive a fair price for their produce.

 We lay emphasis on extremely stringent quality checks - in transit, in production as well as post production. They include: 

  • Physical Verification: Ensures there is no physical damage, infestation etc
  • Chemical Quality Testing: To rule out any pesticides/chemical usage
  • Cocoon Treatment: Protects the product and increases shelf life
  • Product Traceability: Focuses on necessary identification/purity details in the packaging
  • Personnel hygiene checklists: Mandatory for our employees to follow stated protocols
  • Atmospherically controlled warehouse: Ensures optimal conditions for product storage
  • Sanitized Transportation Vehicles: Ensures optimal conditions for product transport