What is Wellbe?

Wellbe kitchen staples are the building blocks to a healthy kitchen. We provide nutritious, ethically-sourced, chemical-free and tasty staples that are of the highest quality and completely safe for consumption. By choosing Wellbe, not only are you choosing nutrition and better health for yourself and your family, but you are also positively impacting the environment and community. Choose Wellbe. Choose a healthier alternative.


What products does Wellbe have in its portfolio?
At Wellbe, we stock everything that you need for a healthy kitchen. Our range of products include:

  1. Dals and Pulses: Tick all the boxes when it comes to health and taste
  2. Cereals: Your daily needs - certified GMO-free and organic
  3. Flour: Clean and healthy, just the way it should be
  4. Spices: The safest way to enhance the flavour of your cooking
  5. Oils & Ghee: Cold-pressed and naturally obtained
  6. Salts & Sweeteners: All taste, zero chemicals
  7. Dry Fruits: Safe, nutritious, ideal for snacking and cooking

Coming soon:

  1. Snacks: From murukkus to ribbon pakodas, a tasty and healthy way to satisfy those sudden hunger pangs
  2. Health Bars: For that boost of energy whenever you need it
  3. Spice Powders and Masala Powders: Safe, tasty and chemical-free


How do I know whether the products I am buying are safe and authentic?
Over the last several years, India, much like the world, is becoming aware of the importance of consciously opting for healthy, whole and unprocessed foods. Clean produce that has been ethically sourced and is free of pollutants, chemicals and harmful additives. But choosing the right products can be confusing. Where are they sourced from? Are they authentic? What are the quality checks? These are just some of the queries that may be going through your mind.


But when you choose to transition to a healthier lifestyle with Wellbe products, you can cast aside any such doubts and worries. Trust, transparency, quality and safety lie at the core of what we do and imbue all our business practices. We partner with farms that place a premium on sustainable farming methods and are 100% chemical and pesticide-free. We vet all the farms; the produce undergoes rigorous quality checks and we ensure it meets all applicable safety parameters and is completely safe for consumption. Our products come to you after careful source authentication and stringent quality checks. They are safe, nutritious, tasty and will enrich your lives in more ways than one.


Where will Wellbe products be available?
Here’s how you can buy Wellbe products:

- The Organic World stores across Bengaluru

- Via Dunzo

- Via Swiggy

- Via Zomato

What is clean eating? How can Wellbe products allow me to adopt this philosophy?
Clean eating is all about creating and sustaining a habit that involves choosing foods that are minimally processed, ethically raised and sourced, and provide wholesome nutrition. Such foods are rich in naturally occurring nutrients and are free of chemicals, pollutants and harmful additives. Foods that are free of colouring, artificial preservatives, ripening agents, synthetic pesticides, fungicides, fumigants, drug residues, irradiation and growth hormones. The basic tenets of clean eating include:

- A diet that involves more plant-based foods

- No processed/refined food

- Foods should be as close to their natural state as possible

- A lifestyle change that involves making conscious, mindful decisions that focus on sustainability and minimal harm to the environment

All Wellbe products are oriented towards helping you make that switch to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle. Our products prioritise nutrition and taste, are safe, free of harmful chemicals, additives, flavours and colourings, and are ethically sourced – thereby subscribing to the key tenets of healthy eating.

What is the difference between conventional and organic produce?
The difference between conventional and organic produce stems from the difference in farming methods.

Organic farming: In organic farming, agricultural products are grown and processed chemical-free, focussing on natural methods as much as possible. Only manure and compost are used for fertilisation; crops are rotated, insects, birds and traps are harnessed to battles pests. There is no use of pesticides, additives, GMOs, growth regulators and livestock feeds. Animals are fed on organic feed. Every country has its own regulations but the underlying principle of organic farming is to grow produce that does not involve the use of chemicals or genetically modified crops.

Conventional farming: Conventional farming involves the use of chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth. Pesticides, chemical herbicides, are used; animals are fed antibiotics, growth hormones; medications are used to ensure their growth and well-being. While these steps may be more cost-effective, they can, in the long-term possibly be harmful to the environment and for human consumption as well.